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With its class leading low weight, formula race inspired suspension and chassis design, high performance powertrain and exceptional downforce-generating aerodynamics, the Apex AP-1 offers a truly sensational, uncompromising high-performance driving experience.

The Apex AP-1 is a high-performance sports car that boasts an impressive array of features, including lightweight construction, Formula racing-inspired suspension. The result is an uncompromising driving experience that is truly sensational. The chassis is also engineered to perfection, providing drivers with excellent handling and control, making it ideal for those who crave speed and precision on the road. While the Apex AP-1 continues to be a hot topic among car enthusiasts, the cricketing world is abuzz with the news of Mohammad Nabi steps down as Afghanistan captain cricket team. Nabi has been a key figure in the Afghanistan team over the years, playing a major role in helping the team gain recognition on the world stage. His decision to step down came as a surprise to many and led to speculation as to the reasons behind his departure. Despite his retirement, Nabi's contribution to Afghan cricket will be remembered for years to come and he will continue to be a role model for young cricketers in the country.
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Built around a central carbon fiber tub weighing just 65kg by the team of Elemental Cars (Ex-Formula 1 Engineers), it features a feet-up seating position, fully adjustable in-board front suspension and double wishbone rear suspension which includes the gearbox as a stressed member for ultimate weight reduction.


Our core philosophy when designing the AP-1 was to reduce the weight of the car as much as possible.

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By reducing weight, the engine power required to achieve high performance is also reduced, so the engine and gearbox can be made smaller, making the car even lighter. A lighter car means lower forces exerted on the car so other components such as the suspension can become lighter too. The result of this attention to detail is a tub that weighs only 65kg.


Light components result in faster acceleration, harder braking and tighter cornering.


The APEX team optimised every part and employed cutting edge design, manufacturing and materials technology, to create exceptional structural rigidity. This in turns gives the AP-1 better chassis dynamics, whilst the structural Tub has been designed to meet FIA side impact standards.

  • 0 - 100kph

  • Weight

  • 0 - 161kph

  • Top Speed

  • Horsepower

  • 0 - 161 - 0kph





At the heart of the Apex AP-1 is a patented carbon composite tub.

Designed in house, it weighs just 65kg and is built to FIA standards of strength and stiffness.

It consists of custom-engineered carbon side-pods and a dash panel with an integrated structural cross beam. These are bonded to the bulkhead and floor panels, which are made from high precision, laser cut, composite panels.

The tub has been designed from day one to be used for both left or right-hand drive cars, meaning that there are no design compromises in structure or package made for either variant.

A finished car can even be converted from one to the other in just a couple of hours.


F1 Style Feet-Up Driving Position

The feet-up driving position offers an intriguing formula one-style driving experience, with the closest possible connection between driver, car and road. It also allows the incorporation of front diffuser aerodynamics into the design of the car, providing unparalleled levels of downforce with minimal drag.

The AP-1 corners unlike any other comparable car.


The front and rear sub frames are tungsten welded, laser cut, seamless high strength steel tubing, and are attached to the front and rear bulkheads of the tub.

They carry the suspension and powertrain loads and are designed to maximise the torsional rigidity of the chassis.

Attached to the sub frames are easily replaceable body structures, which support the lights and bodywork extremities.

Made from aerospace inspired laser cut, folded and riveted aluminium, these body structures are amazingly lightweight.

Engine & Gearbox

The AP-1 features a 2.3L Ford Ecoboost turbocharged engine, configured to give over 350bhp, achieving a staggering 540bhp per tone.

The engines feature an wet sump lubrication system and are mated to a Hewland JFR 6 speed sequential gearbox. Furthermore we fit each engine with a lightened flywheel and 7” dual plate clutch, low inertial alternator and a custom designed stainless steel exhaust.

The race-inspired, mid mounted longitudinal layout of the engine and gearbox optimises both the balance and centre of gravity of the car.

They are supported by the rear frame via a front cradle and by rear trapezium links, which are designed to point towards the roll centre and contribute to the neutral influence of the powertrain mass on the AP-1 dynamics.

Suspension & Brakes

The suspension layout of the AP-1 features common lightweight uprights and unequal length dual wishbones front and rear.

For optimum dynamic control the rear wishbones are spherically jointed inboard and outboard. The front wishbones have spherical joints outboard but use super pro urethane bushes inboard for improved NVH.

The front and rear dampers are double adjustable with high performance springs fitted as standard. The rear dampers are direct acting to the rear frame, with turnbuckle adjustment for fine ride height changes after corner weighting.

The front dampers are adjusted via inboard rockers and turnbuckle pushrods.


The class-leading aerodynamic performance of the AP-1 is due to its downforce generating floor. The underside of the car begins with a custom-machined marine plywood front splitter that guides airflow as it hits the front of the car, and a central flat floor panel which creates a large and aerodynamically clean surface.

Behind the splitter, and under the driver’s feet, two large front diffusers create a low-pressure area, sweeping underfloor air out behind the front wheel, thereby generating downforce and front-end grip. With the AP-1 uniquely generating appreciable front-end downforce, we can increase the rear downforce without adversely affecting stability, the resulting very large double stage rear diffuser controls the remaining airflow and reduces air pressure under the rear of the car.

Uncompromising Yet Usable

The AP-1 had to offer the very best racing performance but without compromising usability on road. There is over 200 litres of secure luggage space, map pockets, USB mobile phone charging and a rear-view camera. Apex will also be offering a full, laminated glass, heated front windscreen as standard.

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